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Along side particulate matter we are investigating microplastics!

Thriving Hive – the microplastics study
A recent study in Denmark showed that honeybees are accumulating microplastics on their bodies.  Comparing samples from hives in Copenhagen, and hives in suburban and rural areas around Copenhagen, researchers found evidence of microplastics in all areas. (Edo etal., 2021). In this study we aim to discover the extent and pattern of microplastics in British apiaries. This will lay the baseline data for us to look at the impact of plastics on honeybee health. To do this we need samples of bees and hive products from across mainland British Isles.  Beekeepers will be ask to send us a small number of samples from a hive within a set 2 week period in September, with full instructions, sample jars and pre-paid postage provided. If you would be interested in being part of this study we ask you to register your interest by the 2nd of September 2021.

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