World Bee Day 2023

World Bee Day 2023

World Bee Day calls for global cooperation and solidarity to protect bees and other pollinators, to ensure food security and agricultural livelihoods, and prevent biodiversity loss and environmental degradation.

This year’s World Bee Day theme, “Bee engaged in pollinator-friendly agricultural production”, aims to raise awareness about pollinator-friendly agricultural production and gardening practices to protect bees and other pollinators, while contributing to the resilience, sustainability and efficiency of agrifood systems.

At Thriving Hive we are working with beekeepers to support the health of honeybee colonies by improving understanding of the presence of airborne particulate matter in apiaries, and advancing research by developing novel methodology to improve the collection of particulate matter samples from honeybees. You can find out more about our initial findings on our blog, and further updates will be shared shortly.

Our colleagues at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience are driving innovative, transdisciplinary research on the understanding and development of resilient and socially just food and water systems internationally. You can find out more about their work on the Coventry University website.

We can all support bees and sustainable development through the choices we make, by buying organic and locally-grown produce where possible, reducing waste, and planting pollinator-friendly gardens. To find out how to make your garden a haven for bumblebees, visit the website of the CAWR project Blooms for Bees.