Hive Geometrix exhibition

Hive Geometrix exhibition

Stephen Livingstone’s new exhibition ‘Hive Geometrix’, at Upfront Arts Venue in Cumbria, captures the magical inner-workings of a honeybee hive.

Stephen spent several years observing the work of the Penrith Beekeepers Association and participating in hive inspections and management.

The vibrant collection of paintings capture life inside a honeybee hive, representing the activities of the three castes, as well as the seasonal changes within the colony.

Stephen describes the paintings as “cutaways, architectural diagrams of the interior structures of a beehive, each panel representing a particular part of the hive, the colours selected and layered in order to evoke the light and scent sensing experiences of the bees."

You can find out more and enjoy Stephen’s paintings on the Upfront Arts Venue website and Instagram.